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Thomas is one of the main characters of "City of Ghosts". They are a member of the Ghost Club, and are friends with Zelda, Eva, and Peter.


Thomas is a young kid with brown eyes. Their hair appears to have been brown at one point, but then shaved down on one side, and dyed blonde on the other side. They are only ever seen wearing a green t-shirt with a blue circle in the middle and brown pants.


They like to search for ghosts, and found a group of friends who like to as well. Now they go around different L.A neighborhoods, interviewing people for the club's ghost-searching show they film on an old camera.


Thomas is very kind and friendly. They aren't shy, but they can definitely be a little quiet sometimes. But regardless, they are very friendly and inclusive, as seen in "Venice". They also have a good understanding of ghosts, as well as people.


  • Thomas uses they/them pronouns, but they don't specify their gender.
  • They really love to skateboard